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SPHR/PHR Requirements (effective 2011)

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The next round of "live" classes start the week of September 16, 2013 in the Seattle area. Sign up now and take advantage of the self-paced online lectures available at no additional charge.

Interested in the online SPHR/PHR prep course offering? The online course is self-paced and may be started at anytime. Check out the HR Mgt online course preview

80% pass rate 10 years running!

Come join Amanda Close as she facilitates learning in the upcoming Winter/Spring offerings of the HR Mgt (SPHR/PHR Prep) Course. Courses are offered in the evenings and convienently located in the Puget Sound (Seattle) Area. An online version of the course is also offered for those HR professionals who wish the convenience of working through a self paced program.

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image Relaxed small group classroom setting.
image Experienced instructor with a proven track record.
image HRCP materials.
image Access to self-paced online lectures.
image 80% pass rate 10 years running.
image In class and online practice tests.
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Question: I hear great things about your course. How come the tuition ($995) is so much less than other course providers? It sounds too good to be true!

Answer: We are all about value! The Close Group is a small, women owned business that runs lean and mean. Most students arrive via referral so little is spent on advertising. The book vendor (HRCP) prices their materials to provide maximum value. Each course is hosted by a student. All of these savings add up and are passed on to you. It is true, you get an excellent course at a great price.

Question: Can I take the HR Mgt Course if I live outside the Seattle, Washington area?

Answer: Absolutely! The online HR Mgt course is tailored for those busy professionals who wish to prepare for the SPHR/PHR in a self-paced manner without leaving the comfort of their own home. HR professionals from across the nation and other countries have utilized this course.

Question: Can a group of out-of-state students arrange to have a couple of "live accelerated/summary" classes?

Answer: If there are enough students interested, live visits may be arranged. These are arranged on a case-by-case basis. Let's chat.

Question: Why should I take your course?

Answer: The SPHR and PHR exam is a difficult test and studying for the SPHR or the PHR exam is a lot of hard work. Taking a course is a great way to get a different perspective and enhance your learning. There are many great options out there. In our course we have fun, learn from each other as well as the material. It is true, I get in front of the class and talk, but there is also a lot of sharing that goes on. We are all professionals and we all bring expertise to the classroom. My goal is to leverage each persons expertise to enhance the learning for all. That is why, after teaching this course for over a decade, I never get tired of it.

Question: How committed is the Close Group to my success?

Answer: Stuff happens. All students receive the same guarantee. Pay the tuition for the first time and then come back as my guest for the next year.

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HR Mgt (SPHR/PHR Prep) Course

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What Others Have Said

HR Mgt (SPHR/PHR Prep Course)


Thanks so much for your AMAZING class Amanda!


You are so good at teaching the SPHR/PHR Prep Course. You make it fun and all your great stories makes the material stick!"


Thanks so much for you class, it really did make all the difference and I will definitely refer anyone I know looking to do the PHR/SPHR to your class! 


I loved this class! I miss the great conversations and learned so much.


I Passed!!! Thank you so much. Your classes were awesome and the online lectures are fabulous.


I passed too! The test was really hard. Your pearls of wisdom really came in handy. Thank you Amanda!!


Recertification Courses

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in broadening their consulting skills. I have found more opportunity to be a strategist in my work than I ever thought possible. Now, my role adds such a different value than it ever did before.
Thank you Amanda!"

Loved the lectures and especially the case studies. I find them so interesting and relevant! 


Your courses are so much fun! The great topics, conversations and the super people in the classes make the time fly by. I learn so much.


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